Are You Reaping the Full Benefits of Social Media?

June 10, 2013

Last week, I spoke at the annual conference of the National Association of Colleges and Employers on behalf of my third-party advocacy organization, the Career Advisory Board (CAB). At the conference, CAB and NACE released recent research about college career center sentiment toward and usage of social media.  Surprisingly, only 25 percent of survey respondents indicate that they have received university-sponsored training on social media.  

The fact that college counselors have been left to figure out social media on their own may explain why many are employing it as next-generation e-mail.  As stated earlier, counselors often post a message or notice on a social network, and that will be the end of the transaction.  There is little or no interaction and little or no tracking of conversational activity. 

Why do I get this feeling career counselors aren’t alone?

You too may set up groups and neglect them as static entities, thinking that “if we build it, people will come.”  We know that this is not the case on social media.  Constituents will join and regularly visit a group or page because it continually provides value to them and a chance to engage productively with people they know. 

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