Memo to job seekers: It’s not the economy, it could be you

October 31, 2013

Job seekers are growing increasingly pessimistic about their ability to gain employment.

Nearly two in five job seekers (37 percent) lack confidence that the job market will improve next year, according to a recent study conducted by the Career Advisory Board, established by DeVry University.

Hiring managers, however, disagree.

Eighty-seven percent of hiring managers think the job market will improve in 2014 according to findings from the 2013 Job Preparedness Indicator. While hiring managers may be optimistic about the job market, they also have a very clear message for job seekers: “Help us help you.”

Only 15 percent of hiring managers said that nearly all or most job seekers have the skills and traits their organization is looking for in a candidate – a 2 percent decrease from the prior year.

Despite their negative perceptions of the job market, job seekers remain strangely – almost irrationally – sure of themselves. Seven in 10 job seekers (72 percent) are confident they know how to present their skills and experience to an interviewer and more than half (56 percent) are confident they know what employers are looking for in candidates today.

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