New Whitepaper Explains Why “Our Students Are Set to Fail” by Career Skills Expert Alfred Poor

January 29, 2013

Noted author and speaker Alfred Poor, Ph.D. has published a whitepaper that summarizes some of the research about how our recent college graduates lack essential “soft skills” that hamper them when they enter the workforce.

Our college students are not ready to succeed in the workplace. That’s the message of a new whitepaper “Our Students Are Set to Fail” by noted career skills expert Alfred Poor. The report summarizes the results of recent research into the problems that “next-gen” workers are encountering in the workplace.
“The fact is that our young workers are not ready,” according to Poor. “This is the conclusion of study after study that show this to be true. Corporate HR staff and managers say so; college career center staff members say so, and even recent graduates themselves say so.”

For example, a recent study by the Career Advisory Board on behalf of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) revealed that less than half of the college career center professionals surveyed felt that “the majority of [their] students are well prepared to succeed in their first full-time job after graduation.”

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