Overconfidence Could Hinder Graduates’ Job Search

November 1, 2013

A bachelor’s degree has the potential to help college graduates stand out in their job search, and so too do the findings of a recent Career Advisory Board study. Using the survey responses of 507 job seekers and 500 hiring managers, which appear in the Job Preparedness Indicator 2013 report, students may be able to become better job candidates.

A Little Too Confident

Job seekers need to have faith in their abilities and themselves if they are to successfully navigate the competitive job market. However, based on what respondents had to say, a number of job seekers are overly confident in their ability to impress potential employers.

Overall, 56% of job seekers said they are confident they understand what companies want to see in a candidate. At the same time, 72% of job seekers think they know how to present their experience and skills when interviewing for a position.

However, hiring managers are not as confident in potential employees’ ability to impress them. Only 15% of these professionals believe job seekers possess the skills and traits they want workers to have. Furthermore, a significant portion of hiring managers – 67% – said they don’t have to settle for someone without the perfect job qualifications.

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