The Importance of Global Awareness

February 14, 2013

The woman’s plea over a social network was clear and to the point: “I am going to Saudi Arabia on business and I need to find someone who can tell me how women have to act there.”

She said that she was traveling to a country she knew little about and feared that her lack of knowledge of government rules and customs for a single woman traveling alone might impede her ability to accomplish her work.

And, she assured people that while she is not on a 007 secret agent mission, she just wanted to be able to conduct her investigation with the same freedom she had in the United States.

This is something she had never dreamed her life would come to, just an opportunity that surfaced as she transitioned through a tumultuous work environment. Yet, increasingly the ability to understand cultural differences around the world is becoming a major component of climbing the corporate ladder.

A study of more than a thousand workers and hiring managers by DeVry University’s Career Advisory Board points out the lack of global knowledge and perspective is an impediment to those hoping to become senior executives.

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